Meet The Nashorn Development Team BOF


  • No plans to open source Node.jar
  • 3 former Rhino developers on the Nashorn team
  • ...don’t have notes for the questions I asked, so imagine you’re reading interesting implementation details here...
  • Didn’t look at other JavaScript implementations during development to keep it “pure”
  • No optimisations are planned for the near future.
  • New features
    • Here strings
    • Edit strings
    • Shebangs
  • Compatibility script for Rhino code
  • Modules
    • Node.jar implements Node’s module system
    • No plans for Nashorn itself to commit to a module system yet
  • Making heavy use of invokeDynamic
  • Node implementation is not as fast as native Node, but already in the ballpark and they think they can get there **Akhil sinks into his chair in the audience :)**
  • 1 test left to reach 100% conformance with ECMA-262, ~8 bugs
  • Not rushing it out the door - “we have time to get it right”
  • Will be able to run under one of the smaller Jigsaw runtimes.
  • Primary purpose is to enable scripting for Java, not to be some sort of solution for JavaScript in general.

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